We all know the pain and risk of losing compliance staff, leaving for a better paycheck, potentially leaking Your data.

Here at FinSurv, we solve that. You don't need to worry, because we are always there to help you.
Without a risk.
Who can we help?
You are a new fintech project, looking for AML staff?

You are a known financial market player, looking to ease the AML?

You are an experienced players looking for additional support?
An outsourced MLRO assistant

Enterprise wide AML/CTF risk assessment, evaluation

Recommendations and assistance to fill in the detected gaps

Outsourced FIU and other law enforcement contact

Internal investigations

External reporting to local FIU.

Participation/preparation for regulators inspection, dispute with regulator

General AML/CTF/KYC consulting

Calibration of rules, scenarios

Whatever your company needs to be compliant

All of us have dealt with AML.

For us it was enough time to understand the price of truly good AML staff and value of long term relationships with your compliance specialists.

We all know how painful and risky it is to let go an employee who grew in your company, protected your from negative impacts and decided to leave for a better pay check, potentially leaking your inside information to your competitor.
Our team
Maximilian Juščišen
CEO & Founder




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